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Rubi or Grog Nozzle? A guide to healing with weapons. Rubi or Grog Nozzle? Comparing the top 2 healing weapons. Rubi: Obtained as reward for 'Rakkaholics anonymous' side quest given by Mordecai, turn in to Moxxi. you can use bl2fix (mod) to get a grog as a mission reward, i recommend it, just. Vyper Voron - StealthBurner by Scero. Highly not recommended bcs it has very overpriced coonection board for $30. Untested ready rails mod kit for Anycubic Vyper from Aliexpress. Anycubic Vyper sensor holder and filament guides. Anycubic Vyper 45 degree filament runout bracket by JBDoge.
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